Farnborough IT Data Centre Migration Cabling & Relocation Expert Service Expands

Sunspeed, a Farnborough based IT company, have launched an expanded range of services. They provide IT relocation, asset auditing, data centre cabling, new hardware installation, and asset decommissioning.

Sunspeed Transport Services have launched an updated range of services, which now include IT relocation, asset auditing, data centre cabling, new hardware installation, and asset decommissioning. The specialist team are also known for their data centre migration services for local companies around Farnborough and Europe-wide.

More information can be found at: http://sunspeed.co.uk

The site explains that Sunspeed aim to provide the most secure and reliable physical migration services throughout the UK and Europe. Established in 1987, they have a reputation for excellent service with a focus on minimising risk and disruption.

Companies getting in touch with Sunspeed for their data centre migration needs can rest safe in the knowledge that they will be well looked after.

The team at Sunspeed takes the time to get to know the needs and goals of each client they work with. Because a migration like this is a critical and complex business activity, the job is always approached with professionalism.

One of the things that sets Sunspeed apart from other IT service experts in the UK is that the team pride themselves on translating their clients’ challenges into an effective, safe relocation with little to no downtime.

With their updated range of services, Sunspeed can provide expert auditing solutions, allowing businesses to understand their IT environment in minute detail.

The company states: “The value of maintaining accurate information about your critical IT environment is often underestimated. Having access to rich information about your assets, cabling, and rack contents not only supports successful management of the environment, but makes it easier and cheaper to launch projects.”

Clients looking for the best in physical installation, whatever the scope of the project, can also get in touch with Sunspeed. The UK IT specialists can provide installation of racks, servers, storage, and network equipment and always ensure it’s a smooth installation.

A recent happy client said: “Great service once again from Sunspeed. Hardworking crew, efficient, and helped us complete our move efficiently.”

Full details of the services provided can be found on the URL above.

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