Farmville VP Debate 2016 Mike Pence Abortion Condom Joke Made By T-Shirt Maker

Ahead of the 2016 US Vice Presidential Election a British T-Shirt designer and founder has caused controversy by making a light-hearted reference to candidate Mike Pence's stance and views on abortion and condoms.

Ahead of tonight’s Vice Presidential Debate hosted in Farmville, Virginia; a British T-Shirt Designer today made a joke around Vice-Presidential Candidate Mike Pence’s views on abortion and condoms. This follows the controversy surrounding the satirical t-shirts, which the designers at have created with their ‘Either Way…’ movement.

The article that initially reported and pushed the ‘Either Way’ movement and controversy can be found at The Daily Moss

Although the remark was made in good spirits and with playful good humour, many Trump-Pence supporters have taken an ‘offended’ stance stating that it’s unfair for a good Christian American’s views to be mocked in a country that was built on Freedom of Speech.

The UK T-Shirt Designer responded by stating that one major part of Free Speech is having the opportunity and freedom to make jokes, criticisms and present an opposing view.

Tonight’s debate,taking place at 9pm EST will be the first time candidates Tim Kaine and Mike Pence have opposed each other directly. Although the talking points have not yet been revealed ahead of the debate, which will be hosted by CBS News Reporter Elaine Quijano, political experts have made some predictions.

Although both candidates are decidedly more ‘tame’ than their running mates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton… Most likely the debate will spend a lot of time with each VP candidate defending the position of their Presidential running mate. Though even with the self-admitted ‘boring’ stance of the VP Candidates, political pundits and comedians have been able to find several entertaining talking points, some of which are expected to be referenced in the debate itself.

On top of this, topics covered will likely include immigrations, abortion, guns, crime, the spate of recent shootings, climate change and various civil rights issues. With both candidate having strong opposing views, the founders of could not help but find the humour in some of them. Including Mike Pence’s recent false accusation he pushed for a ban on condoms.

Tonight’s 2016 VP Debate can be viewed on all major stations and online. Examples of the controversial T-Shirts that have caused such an uproar around the US Presidential Election can be seen at

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