Farmington Real Estate Agent Award-Winner Releases San Juan County 2017 Report

Award-winning realtor and San Juan County local Ben Lyons has released a 2017 area report on the three factors a prospective home buyer needs to consider before purchasing a property. This report enables potential buyers to make an informed, fact-based decision before buying.

Ben Lyons, an award-winning realtor, based in Farmington, New Mexico, has published a report on San Juan County. The report focuses on the local economy in San Juan, home buying trends, and the top three reasons why investing in the area needs to be timing based.

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Recently released, the report published by Ben Lyons centers on the timing of property buying and how there are three main factors that a home buyer needs to consider before making a purchase. Lyons notes in his report that these three factors are interest rates, local market economy trends, which in San Juan’s case in related to oil and gas, and local home values.

By focusing on these three factors when looking to buy, a prospective purchaser can make an informed decision based on fact, rather than just on emotion. By understanding the local economy and how this, and interest rates, influence home prices, prospective buyers get a sounder overview of the market.

At present, according to the report, both oil and gas prices are increasing, along with demand, as the San Juan area is witnessing growth and expansion in production. This economic booster is likely to see the demand for homes increase, along with prices. However, interest rates remain low, so looking to buy before home prices and rates increase rise could be advantageous.

Having lived in San Juan County for almost two decades, Ben Lyons feels deeply rooted in the area. Therefore, he is proud to be a local and honored to offer area knowledge.

When asked why he published this report, Ben Lyons said, “We all know that San Juan County produces oil, gas and coal. These dynamics can create great opportunities for the area, but it can also present challenges. Consequently, the trends we’ve experienced in San Juan County over the last few decades can give us insight into our local market. That insight, if used correctly, can help home buyers take advantage of the market conditions and hopefully set the stage to make a smart buy in 2017.”

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