Farming and Farmers Appear to be Rapidly Moving to Harvest Harmonics Technology

The vision of Harvest Harmonics and Frank Arlia Jr. is becoming a reality by improving the health of the population on this planet through greatly increased food nutrition. There is a strong purpose underlying this vision.

Harvest Harmonics has a vision and goal to increase the health of the population, one farm at a time.

When this technology was discovered by Frank Arlia Jr. his passion for the health of himself and his family led him to take on getting this technology to all farmers around the world, and that’s just what he’s accomplishing.

A lot of companies are in it just for the money which is where Harvest Harmonics parts ways. Early in the 6 years of business, getting this technology to farms and farmers all over the world quickly became their prime concern. To that end there have been millions of dollars of this technology given away to farms through grants.

The main reason this technology, called Kyminasi Plant Booster, was developed in the first place was to increase the health of the population. That was and is the #1 priority. It is designed to improve the quality of the plants themselves and the environment in which they grow. Interestingly this Kyminasi Plant Booster is giving plants enough energy to create better fruits and vegetables, and in turn, improve the overall health of the population. This was and is the vision of the inventor Dr. Fulvio Balmelli and this vision is what drew Frank Arlia Jr. to create Harvest Harmonics to support Dr. Balmelli and work with him. It took seven years to complete the creation of this specific technology for plants and it was finally released a year and a half ago.


Helping farmers is not only something that would benefit the farmers and farming industry itself, but trickles down to helping people consume higher quality food, and the environment as a whole.

Thanks to the technology, a number of farmers have reported a reduced need for chemicals and are happy to not be exposing their employees and the environment to spraying. Using the technology, farmers are able to save money on chemicals and proudly make more money on their crops due to higher yield, while also helping consumers and the environment. Farm Workers and the land itself benefit.

But what fuels all of this innovation? Passion.

The driving factor for CEO Frank Arlia Jr. is the fact that Harvest Harmonics is making a difference in the health and general benefits of the public.


The CEO of Harvest Harmonics sees farmers five years from now.

With the ever growing population, recent studies have shown that we might not have enough food to feed everyone. But with the use of the Kyminasi Plant Booster, that all could change.

Harvest Harmonics’ technology is helping farmers make use of their existing land, by halting the depletion of energy and use less water in the farming process. Harvest Harmonics’ ultimate goal is to have a headquarters set up in every country, with at least 20% of the farming industry using their technology within the next five years. This goal is on target with 18 countries including nine in South America that are currently hosting farms that use the Kyminasi Plant Booster and they are raving about the changes they’ve seen, excited to see where else this technology takes them. See What Farmers are Saying Worldwide.

By the end of 2022, Harvest Harmonics’ goal is to have 1,000 completed science trials all over the world, proving their technology’s effectiveness in reducing greenhouse gases, saving water, improving the environment, protecting the O-Zone, and reducing concerns about climate change.


The ultimate goal for this Kyminasi technology that founder Dr. Balmelli and Harvest Harmonics CEO Frank Arlia Jr. is a world where ailments are less common and the environment is better cared for. The Kyminasi Plant Booster has so many benefits that it leads the way. With farmers creating higher yields of more profitable, greater quality crops, with the public benefiting from increased nutritional quality and access to food, and with the environment being protected and nourished without chemicals and toxins, everybody wins.

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