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Farias Family Law, P.C has published its latest article covering How property division in divorce affects a business owned by either party., which is aimed primarily at People facing divorce who are either business owners or spouses of business owners.

Farias Family Law, P.C has published a new article entitled WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO MY BUSINESS IN MY DIVORCE?, which sheds light on the most important aspects of how property division in divorce affects a business owned by either party. It’s particularly helpful for people facing divorce who are either business owners or spouses of business owners and are interested in learning how this issue is handled as part of divorce. The article can be viewed at: https://billfariaslaw.com/business-in-my-divorce/

People going through divorce may not realize that aside from producing income, a business may actually have value – in some cases, substantial value – as an asset, and that value in some cases, must be divided between the parties as part of property division in divorce.

In fact, businesses are sometimes the most valuable assets in divorce, and understanding how a business is valued and options for fairly dividing its equity among the parties to a divorce can help the parties better plan for divorce and negotiate effectively. “Like all other property in divorce, to be fairly divided, a business’s value must be determined. This typically requires a business appraisal – otherwise known as ‘valuation.’”

In discussing the article’s creation, Attorney Bill Farias at Farias Family Law, P.C said:

“Property division of a business in divorce is an issue that can have significant financial impact, so learning early in the process how it works, what it costs, and what your options are for handling this issue will better prepare you for handling negotiations and the divorce process overall more effectively, which will maximize your chances of efficiently achieving a good result in your case.” Bill Farias, Esq.

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