Fanwood NJ Teenage Youth Mental Health Counseling – Coping Strategies Launch

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Fanwood, NJ - Kairos Chronic Pain Coaching (833-936-1324) announces its updated mental health coaching services for teenagers. The center guides students to address challenges with objectivity and peace.

Despite their seemingly endless brilliance, teenagers today are plagued with uncertainty, says Kairos Chronic Pain Coaching. That is why it has strengthened its youth counseling packages to help more teens learn lifelong coping strategies for various mental health difficulties.

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The announcement takes into consideration the devastating mental health effects the current health crisis has had, especially for the youth. Constrained to live their lives within a bubble, today’s youths are growing up without proper socialization. The center explains that this may contribute to anti-social behavior and ineffective coping mechanisms.

Emerging data support this. New psychological research reveals that the growing reliance on technology for connectivity has negatively impacted the mental health of teenagers. In particular, young people are more at risk of low self-esteem because they are constantly comparing themselves to what they see on social media – which often does not reflect real-life situations.

Kairos Chronic Pain Coaching explains that constantly being on one’s phone or laptop may exacerbate feelings of unworthiness. Further, teenagers are not taught how to effectively cope within an environment that is persistently stimulating.

The center says that teenagers need to disengage from technology from time to time and learn proper social and emotional skills. One way to develop this is through youth mental health counseling. Despite its name, the course can be used as a preventive measure so that teenagers can grow into emotionally healthy adults.

The center is continuing its telehealth appointments which can be scheduled on its website. It has also reopened its in-person Wednesday appointments for patients who have been fully vaccinated. It will be adding additional office days as the year continues.

Currently, the center offers Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, and phone sessions.

Kairos Chronic Pain Coaching seeks to uplift the spirits of all those who enter its doors through compassionate guidance and support. It strengthens adolescent mental health by offering lifelong coping strategies for anxiety, grief, depression, and other mental health issues.

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