Famous actor, Bobby Ball, stars in a short film to benefit Age UK charity.

Cobgoblin Productions are making a short film to highlight some of the problems elderly people can have, and follows one elderly man as his life is changed drastically. Profits from this film will benefit local charities including "Age UK" which helps the elderly.

Old people are not invisible!

CobGoblin Productions announced today they are hoping to get funding to make a short film aimed at highlighting the difficulties people face as they get older. Many feel that they are invisible and many are ignored or dismissed, but older people have great stories to tell, if we take the time to listen.

CobGoblin Productions owner Sharon Sinclair says they’ve always admired the Age UK charity and the work they do helping elderly people. She said they’re thrilled to be able to give to an organisation that has contributed so much and done so much good over the years.

Sands of Time” is a 30 minute film starring Bobby Ball, a well known and highly talented television actor. Bobby loves the story and is keen to be involved.

The story centres on Bill (Bobby Ball), an elderly gentleman who`s memory isn`t what it was and when his doctor diagnoses him with early stages of dementia, his daughter persuades him to move to an apartment for the elderly, closer to her in Lytham.

Bill is lonely. He doesn`t know anyone and his confidence takes a blow. Although he had been outgoing – and outspoken – for most of his life, now he feels vulnerable and isolated.

Abigail is Bill`s daughter and although she wants to help her dad adapt to his new surroundings, she is trapped in an abusive marriage and struggles to cope with her own situation.

Bill has one friend and it is Ron who supports him continuously, before ultimately seeing him triumphant in the most wonderful of finales. Sharon said she was delighted to have been given permission to film the final scenes in the world famous “Blackpool Tower” ballroom

Sharon has just started a “Kickstarter” campaign to help with vital funding, although she says,”over half they money needed has already been raised. It would be wonderful if more people could make a donation and help us to support this deserving charity”.

About CobGoblin Productions

CobGoblin Productions was founded in 2014 and serves the short films industry. It’s aim is to have well known actors uniting to raise money for charity.

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