Family Business Seeks Revolution in “Customer First” Mindset

It’s a bit of a cliché - “the customer is always right.” But it is questionable how many shops and services TRULY follow that principle.

It’s a bit of a cliché – “the customer is always right.” But it is questionable how many shops and services TRULY follow that principle.

It is not unusual for a store to tell their customers “we value your custom” only to be fail by a wide margin to live up to the promise. Low paid customer service representatives are frequently more concerned with being right and maintaining their own stature than with looking after their customers., a small family owned business with a unique range of popular electronic and other retail items, is planning to turn that big business cliché on its head. was set up in early 2020 just as the coronavirus crisis started and has already earned a healthy reputation through this difficult period. A family run business with low overheads, partners Gustav and John are able to spend time ensuring their customers get the service they deserve.

“We had a customer who’s item wasn’t delivered when it should have been” said John. “But we are a small and personal enough business that we were able to chase the problem down to a US postal service error. We looked into this ourselves, with 100% personal focus, and successfully located the missing product, getting it correctly delivered to the customer.”

John’s partner in the business takes this further: “Some people might call this type of service old-fashioned. It’s definitely not – or at least for us it’s not old fashioned. We just believe in that way of treating people…we treat people the way we would want to be treated ourselves by any store we buy from.

We tell people, “Any problems at all, just get in touch and we’ll take good care of you.” This customer focus approach has generated first class results. “It’s been staggering!” said John.“ People just seem to love our store and the service it provides!”

BigBoxDeal has ambitious plans for the future.

“We feel a business based on good principles, ethics and integrity is one that prospers, and one that lasts. We are both Christians and employ that as a basis in all we do. We’re continuing to expand our product line, giving our customers more choice and more great deals

each and every day. We don’t ever expect to be an Amazon, but we do expect to build a business that prospers and provides the best possible customer experience that we can deliver.”

The comparison with the modern day giant of internet sales, Amazon is interesting. While no-one can challenge Amazons position or power, there are growing signs that people are beginning to become dissatisfied with Amazon. Controversy over fake reviews, dissatisfaction with customer service, and an inability to find accurate product information have all been cited.

A shift in ecommerce, away from the gobal mega-store to the smaller, more personal, family run ecommerce business is a possible sea change introducing a number of new companies to the market. Only time will tell, but are looking like one of the best and most trustworthy of the new entrants.

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