Family Bible Lessons Illustrated Anthology Bible In Stories Book Released

Score LLC has released Bible in Stories, a set of three illustrated volumes that include more than 400 stories from the Bible. Designed as a devotional tool for the family, the book includes stories from Genesis to Revelation with more than 1,500 illustrations.

Score LLC announced the release of Bible in Stories, an illustrated compilation of family Bible stories and lessons. The book features more than 400 inspiring Bible stores and more than 1,500 full-color pictures.

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Score LLC has released this 3-volume series of illustrated Bible stories as a learning and devotional resource for families. The books feature accurate illustrations and are designed for adults and children looking to explore the message of the Bible.

Bible in Stories also features clear easy-to-read type and a cross-referenced topical index with 599 topics that cover key stories and their practical application. Over 1,400 review and application questions encourage careful reading of scripture and are effective ways of starting a discussion or family devotional.

The illustrated Bible stories set is bound in high-quality Skivertex with Smyth sewn binding for exceptional durability. Each book has a presentation page followed by 334 illustrated stories and 66 stories on a scroll background. The book also features a hand-sewn gold nylon marker and uses 100-lb Matte art paper.

The stories have been arranged in Biblical order, starting with Genesis and ending with Revelation. Stories from the four Gospels are arranged in chronological order to offer a deeper perspective of the events surrounding the life of Jesus Christ. A clear Gospel message is placed at the beginning of each book.

The book includes a section by James L. Gardner titled “Science and the Bible Agree” and 39 traditional hymns with sheet music.

Bible in Stories emphasizes scriptural accuracy and is based on the King James Version of the Bible. The books also draw from the illustration work of James Padgett and Gospel Message, a chronological exploration of the four Gospels.

According to a spokesperson for Bible in Stories, “We are delighted to release this set of books as a family devotional tool that helps children and adults understand, remember, and apply lessons from the Bible.”

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