Fall Lawn Care Tips for Healthy Lawns in Texas – New Fall 2020 Lawn Tips

Lawn trends for upcoming Fall 2020 season. These tips can help guide you to know what to do this week to maintain that beautiful lawn and garden. Pro Texas company Evergreen releases fall lawn care tips.

Denton, TX (September 17, 2020) – Evergreen Lawn and Landscape, the leading lawn care company based in Denton, Texas, recently shared fall lawn care tips and info for its customers.

Maintain the beautiful curb appeal, with a lush green lawn, by performing certain tasks during end of summer or early fall. Keeping a lawn green and full during the fall season is no easy job without the number of weeds, pests, and environmental factors that are continuously attacking every blade of grass.

Keep mowing and watering – Most yards will need to maintain the same watering and mowing schedule throughout the Fall season.

Fight the weeds – Not all homeowners know that nitrogen in the soil is the most vital element for grass development. It’s needed in significant volumes and should be added to the soil to prevent a deficiency.

Nitrogen is also the single most critical nutrient to add to a lawn. It enables grass to develop new foliage above the soil level that is utilized by the plant to photosynthesize. It then produces energy for sustained root growth and prevention of diseases. Early Fall is a perfect time to apply this, so the grass is well fed before it goes into a dormant state.

Evergreen Lawn and Landscape share these essential tips to homeowners who wish to keep a luscious and beautiful growing lawn throughout the fall season.

According to a spokesperson from the company, “Nitrogen is a critical nutrient for grasses. The nutrient is accountable not just for the pleasant green color you see in them, but for the growth itself as well. Without it, grasses cannot generate enough chlorophyll. That means they will not grow strong. They will be brittle and weak. In a lawn, that indicates the grass blade will be dull in color, narrow, shorter, and prone to heat stress, drought, and diseases.”

Must remove leaves – Don’t risk it. It’s very important to dispose of leaves as soon as possible. If you wait for all of the leaves to fall, they will become wet from morning dew and rain. This will then cause them to create a mat-like covering that could suffocate the grass and cause fungus, as well as other lawn diseases, to grow. You don’t have to pick up ever single leaf that falls. Just make sure there are no piles or too many covering the lawn.

Sod the dead areas – Fall is a perfect time to add new sod grass, to fill in dead spots or even replace a dead lawn. Make sure to water it every day for a couple weeks, but don’t over-water. Really want to stress that. Over-watering is the most common reason new sod does not survive.

Evergreen Lawn and Landscape has been working with homeowners in Texas since 1984. Their goal is to guarantee their customers are proud of their lawns, whatever the season, and satisfied with the work they do to keep and beautify their landscaping and lawns.

Apart from keeping the lawn and trees healthy this fall season, the tips shared by Evergreen Lawn and Landscape will help increase the curb appeal of the property. That is an essential part of being a homeowner in Texas, whether a person is considering selling, undertaking a home renovation, or wish to offer a lovely look for visitors, friends, and passersby.

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