Fake roofing contractors: Castle Hill Roofing warns NSW residents

There is an alarming growth in the number of unreputable roofers plying their trade in the Hills District of Sydney. This Castle Hill roofing company is warning local residents to watch out!

Castle Hill, NSW – Sydney Discount Roof Repair, a reliable and highly professional Hills District roofing company serving Castle Hill and all its environs has asked residents to proceed with extra caution when choosing roofers for roof repairs and replacement services. The warning comes after it has emerged that the number of fake roofers masquerading as professionals has risen significantly in the recent past.

The fake roofing contractors in Castle Hill are taking advantage of the bad weather when roofs are more prone to damage. They prefer to take a property owner’s insurance checks and offer low-quality services. The homeowner is then left with nowhere to run to in case the roofing problem reoccurs.

Sydney Discount Roof Repair has advised homeowners to carefully look at the experience and background of a roofer before signing a contract with them. They should also check the authenticity of all the documentation held by any roofer they work with because of a recent discovery that quacks have licenses, insurance covers, and accreditation certificates sourced from non-existent authorities.

There have been rising cases of fraud in Castle Hill since these roofers have a well-organized structure which ensures they work in as many properties as possible. They come to unsuspecting clients with quotes that are too attractive to be true, and when they get paid, they vanish into thin air without offering warranties on products or guarantees on workmanship.

Going forward, Sydney Discount Roof Repair has asked homeowners to be extra meticulous when dealing with local roofers. For them to make more profit and increase their client base, some out-of-state roofers are establishing local addresses and phone numbers which they are using to lure customers through high-end advertising and marketing strategies.

“Our company aims at helping residents of Castle Hill get the best roofing services. For this reason, we have to warn them about this embryonic trend so that they can avoid losing thousands and bucks and causing more problems to their homes.” one of the managers said speaking on behalf of the company.

“For the best roofing needs even in emergency situations, homeowners need to have a reputable, experienced, and highly professional roofer in their speed-dial.”

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