Faith Jones TEDx Talk – a Compelling Human Rights Framework & Solution to #MeToo

Faith Jones has launched a new human rights framework and campaign in response to the #MeToo movement. She has released a TEDx Talk on the topic, along with a new book.

Faith Jones has announced the launch of her new human rights framework with the release of her viral TEDx Talk and book launch. She is an international corporate attorney and strategic business advisor, who drew from her unconventional upbringing to create the “I Own Me” framework.

Her shocking and compelling TEDx talk can be found at: I Own Me TEDx

Her newly launched campaign was created to provide women and men with a solution to body rights issues with positive, clear guidelines for interactions.

In her new TEDx talk, she directly addresses the issues surrounding #MeToo and provides a positive, active solution.

Now, with the release of her TEDx talk, Faith is officially launching the global “I Own Me” movement. She explains that the framework is the ideological backbone of a free society, based on each person’s rights in their own body.

As part of the new campaign, she has launched a new book, “I Own Me – a Framework for Respecting and Protecting a Woman’s Body.” It is currently available on her official website. Faith Jones Official Website It provides an empowering framework for protection, respect, and healing from abuse.

Faith’s passion for the topic was shaped by her experiences of abuse and subjugation growing up in the misogynistic Children of God cult. The ideology of the cult eliminated member’s ownership and control over their own bodies and lives, which often resulted in the sexual abuse of women in the cult.

Now, her passion and focus is to inspire women to take back responsibility for their own lives, decisions, businesses and bodies. She is setting out to achieve this through education and by changing the societal systems and laws that have prejudiced them for centuries.

Faith graduated summa cum laude from Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service and with honors from UC Berkeley Law School. She began her career as an attorney with Skadden Arps where she represented clients in a wide variety of cross-border corporate transactions.

Ms. Jones is available for speaking opportunities and interviews regarding this unique framework going forward. For speaking enquirers, contact or call 213 709 8388. Faith Jones Official Website

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