Faith-Based Entrepreneurship/Christian-Aligned Leadership Book Released

Mike Thakur announces the launch of his new book, “Mike Drop”, on April 2, 2022. The book is meant for faith-based businessmen & ministry leaders who want to embrace God’s original plan for impact through mission.

There are an estimated 31 million entrepreneurs in the United States today; many of whom aren’t just entrepreneurs, but are faith driven entrepreneurs. Christian business owners looking to walk out their faith through their business while creating enterprise that helps others, who may not have fully realized the greater purpose & impact their business could have. According to award-winning CEO Mike Thakur, that needs to change. He digs deeper into this mission in his new book, ‘Mike Drop: Do business God’s way, live like a king, change the world’, released on April 2nd, 2022.

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This new book is for those who sense a lack of purpose in their business, who feel a sense of guilt at their success and those who are seeing success & profitability, while struggling to understand the true expectations of stewardship from their maker. There is a presumption, Thakur says, that the ability to create profit & wealth is a sign to others of our abilities, & a blessing to us for our enjoyment. But success is really the starting block to a more fulfilling life & a more purpose driven business, when we embrace the idea that it’s primary purpose is to bless & help others.

The new book, Mike Drop, breaks down an Old Testament hidden formula that proves the greatest impact to be had, can only happen when a person’s faith is fused with God’s mission.

Mike’s goal is to encourage & enable other entrepreneurs to begin their journey of generosity and thinking bigger through this purpose driven philosophy to deliver a more impactful life.

Mike writes, “This book is for entrepreneurs, home-schooling parents, ministry leaders & anyone else whose heart is to embrace God’s original plan for impact through mission.”

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