Fairfield CT Periodontics Gum Disease Treatment Expert Dental Services Launched

Fairfield, Connecticut dental practice Brickwalk Dental updated its services to provide cutting-edge periodontal procedures, including the new Pinhole Surgical Technique and other advanced gum disease treatments.

Brickwalk Dental, a dental practice based in Fairfield, Connecticut, launched an updated range of periodontal services for patients interested in professional periodontal maintenance, gum disease treatment and surgery, implants and various other solutions. To guarantee high standards of safety, quality and comfort, the clinic uses high-end equipment and provides a comfortable, modern environment.

More information can be found at https://brickwalkdental.com/advancedperiodontics.

Periodontal disease is a condition affecting almost half of all Americans over the age of thirty. Mainly due to plaque and bacteria accumulated on teeth, which can lead to the inflammation of the gum tissue surrounding the teeth, gum disease can lead to severe complications such as dental loss. To prevent this risk, regular dental and periodontal care are essential.

Brickwalk Dental offers a full range of periodontal services to help patients keep their teeth and gum in optimal condition, treat periodontal disease, and minimize the risk of associated dental damage or loss.

Advanced treatments are also available, including the cutting-edge Pinhole Surgical Technique. Dr. Conant is a specialist in this new technique allowing patients to prevent receding gums by stabilizing the gum tissue.

While conventional gum grafting techniques can lead to further gum loss, the new techniques used by Brickwalk Dental are based on microsurgical procedures which make the procedure minimally invasive and reduces the risk of gum loss.

Patients can contact the Fairfield dental practice for a free gum recession consultation.

With the recent announcement, Brickwalk Dental continues to expand its services according to the latest dental and periodontal developments.

A satisfied patient said: “The entire staff is very friendly and accommodating. Going to the dentist has never been so seamless in my life. You are treated like a person not a number. Don’t let idea of going to the dentist be a scary one… instead, go here. I would definitely recommend this dental clinic!”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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