Fairfax VA Personal Injury Law Firm Pedestrian Accidents Practice Area Expanded

Fairfax, VA personal injury law firm The Avery Law Firm has expanded its pedestrian injury practice to clients across the state. The law firm offers compassionate legal advice and provides strong legal and trial representation for personal injury cases in VA.

Fairfax, VA personal injury law firm The Avery Law Firm announced the expansion of its pedestrian accidents practice area in the city. The Fairfax personal injury attorney’s office provides legal advice and court representation to victims of accidents involving pedestrians.

More information about The Avery Law Firm is available at https://averyassociateslaw.com

The latest National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Traffic Safety Facts report highlights 6,283 pedestrian fatalities and more than 71,000 injuries in the United States. These injuries can range from cuts and scrapes to fractures and debilitating long-term injuries.

With their new expansion, the Avery Law Firm helps victims of negligence receive a fair hearing in court and win compensation for their injuries.

Non-occupant pedestrian injuries may necessitate a visit to the emergency room or require short-term or long-term hospitalization. Pedestrian accidents are usually caused by distracted or intoxicated drivers. These accidents can cause traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, torn soft tissues, dental injuries, paralysis, and other serious problems.

Experienced personal injury lawyer Michael L. Avery, Sr., Esq and his team of personal injury legal professionals in Fairfax uphold a victim’s legal rights and receive adequate compensation for medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation therapy, and other past or future costs.

The firm offers compassionate legal advice to victims who have been injured by drunk drivers or suffered injuries at traffic intersections or curbsides.

The Avery Law Firm has successfully handled pedestrian fatality and pedestrian injury cases in Fairfax and across Virginia. The firm’s fees are contingent on the client being awarded compensation by a court of law.

According to a spokesperson for the Fairfax, VA auto accident injury law firm, “At The Avery Law Firm, we have handled many pedestrian cases: from cases where our clients have been crossing at the crosswalk, to cases where they have been crossing at “unmarked” crosswalks, including cases where they have been crossing in the middle of a block. We look forward to helping you maximize compensation for your injuries and suffering.”

The Avery Law Firm is headed by former US Marine and licensed personal injury attorney Michael L. Avery, Sr., Esq. The firm handles injury cases involving car accidents, tractor-trailer crashes, rideshare accidents, and bicycle crashes.

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