Facelift Surgery Procedures In the Gold Coast: New Website For The Lotus Institute

The Lotus Institute facility is a fully accredited, state-of-the-art day surgery, plus there is a private hospital close by for those who wish to stay overnight.

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The Lotus Institute published their new website today: Facelift surgery procedures for the Gold Coast and Brisbane. This website reveals how a facelift can improve your image by giving a revitalised, refreshed appearance that will help patients look and feel their best. A facelift does this by tightening underlying muscles, removing excess fat, gently re-draping the skin from the face and restoring the contour of the neck. This gives the face a smooth jawline, reduces jowls, but doesn't change normal expression.

Furthermore a facelift is often combined with other ancillary procedures such as eyelid surgery, a forehead or brow-lift, liposuction (to remove fat), nose reshaping, removal of skin blemishes, laser resurfacing and/or chemical peel treatment. Although a facelift and ancillary procedures can produce a harmonious, fresh appearance from forehead to neck, not all wrinkles, furrows and folds will disappear, especially those of long standing where there is some permanent skin damage.

Facelift surgery does not itself change life and personality, although cosmetic surgery performed on patients with realistic expectations can improve self-confidence and create a more positive self image.

If a person stand in front of a mirror and lightly pulls the skin up and back in the temples and in front of the ears, they will get an indication of what a facelift will achieve. The aim is a harmonious well-rested fresh look from forehead to neck whilst maintaining normal facial expression. A facelift and ancillary procedures will achieve this but not all problems will disappear, especially if skin damage has occurred over the years…

The Lotus Institute owner Dr Peter Widdowson says many people struggle with really understanding Facelift Surgery. This website gives solid information that's not usually shared openly in the Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery industry.

The website is at http://konnect20.com.au/face-lift

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The Lotus Institute was founded in 1999 and serves the Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery industry. It is known for having highly trained and exceptional surgical, nursing and patient care staff. The team is lead by one of Australia's foremost plastic surgeons..

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