Facebook Marketing Tools Supplier FTPTraffic Adds Free Twitter Integration

Leading Facebook Fan-page Marketing tools suite FPTraffic is excited to announce the addition of Full Twitter Integration to its tool-set. “Users can now save even more of their precious time”, says owner Luke Kling

The leading Facebook Fan-Page Marketing and Fan-page Management tools suite supplier FPTraffic has now enhanced its already renowned reputation for usability and value for money by adding full Twitter integration. This automated facility will empower its many users to streamline their Facebook Fan-Page marketing even more efficiently by eliminating a previously distracting and time consuming chore.

This latest in a long line of additions to the tool-set builds on to the current product functionality:

• Multi post schedule definitions

• Automatic content location (including YouTube)

• External link scheduling (both regular and masked)

• Full Amazon.com product and affiliate integration

• Giveaways management

• Automatic email capture

Launched three years ago, FPTraffic has gone from strength to strength in that time. Its rapidly expanding customer base has always remained ultra-loyal due to the constantly expanding toolset and the fact that the subscription price for the service ($10 per month) has never been increased.

The young and entrepreneurial founder of FPTraffic, Luke Kling has long been a fan of Facebook and fully recognized it’s almost limitless marketing potential at a very early stage. He was hugely excited by the development of what became known as Fan-Pages, seeing in them a way for marketers to reach millions of potential customers at an absolute minimal cost. At the same time however, he became only too aware of just how cumbersome, time consuming and unwieldy Facebook Fan-Page management could be: hence the development of FPTraffic

Luke has spent most of his working life in the field of internet marketing (particularly specializing in Facebook Fan-Page marketing) prior to launching the service, so he is able to bring an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of the subject into its development.

The ethos that Luke developed around FPTraffic is very simple: Provide as much benefit to the user for the best possible price and they will in turn remain loyal and help to spread the product by simple word of mouth. It would be true to say that this mind-set has been amazingly successful with now well over one billion likes gained by FPTraffic managed pages.

Please visit FPTraffic.com for further information.

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