Facebook Link Posting Software Niche Traffic Marketing Automation Tool Launched

JonathanLedger.com launches a desktop application designed to help businesses automatically promote their site pages on Facebook Groups that are relevant to their niche.

Software and marketing tools provider JonathanLedger.com launches the Face Group Automator app for businesses who wish to harness the power of Facebook Groups for their marketing. The app offers a fully automated way of driving niche-specific traffic to a website.

More information can be found on the app’s info page at: http://www.jonathanledger.com/products/Face-Group-Automator

The newly launched app allows businesses to tap an often-overlooked section of the popular social media platform. Facebook Groups carry an immense potential for marketing as they are usually composed of people who share the same interests. The app banks on this potential and allows businesses to automatically post their page links for the benefit of groups that are deemed relevant to their industry.

This innovative approach to Facebook marketing presents a host of business benefits. For one, site pages get ample exposure to people who are passionate about the niche. This does not just mean getting traffic direct from the people who are part of the groups, but also additional exposure as the members share and engage with the posts.

The app is expected to generate thousands of visitors within the first month of use as the amount of links and shares continues to grow.

JonathanLedger.com recognizes the importance of consistency in implementing this strategy, and so the app is designed to operate and continue generating traffic in the background while the user gets on with their day-to-day tasks. The tool is also configured to post just the right amount of traffic to mimic natural activity and avoid spamming troubles with group moderators and Facebook itself.

Face Group Automator is a desktop application that runs on both PC and Mac. Users simply need to install it, set it up, and let it drive Facebook traffic to their sites or pages of choice in as fast as 10 minutes after implementation.

Businesses who are interested in trying out the app for their marketing may access the above-mentioned URL for more information on its features and sign-up process.

Release ID: 88943655