Facebook Headaches Open Opportunity for LinkedIn Social Reputation Influencers

A new LinkedIn coaching and training webinar has been launched, called The Virtual Edge. It helps people to transform their online presence and bring in more leads.

Facebook is rolling out an array of updates aimed at battling the spread of false and harmful information on the social media site — accelerating the company’s fight against increased pressure to censor fake and misleading information.

The updates Facebook is implementing will limit the visibility of many sites and groups on Facebook. Adding more ammunition to their array of weapons, they are expanding their fact-checking program with outside experts, including The Associated Press.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s most recent plans for Facebook is sure to pose additional challenges for the company as it continues to discern content worthy of publishing.

In a world where fake news is dominating headlines, more people are turning to LinkedIn for building connections because they know it’s packed with influencers and business-minded thought leaders.

“Fake news will never stop happening as long as there is an agenda to be pushed… And there always is. FB has become incredibly crowded with non-newsworthy ‘stuff’. What was social and fun has now become ads and agendas.

Business-minded people have shifted to LinkedIn where there are real people, thought leaders, business drivers, people who are actually doing something useful with their knowledge and experience.

But it depends on what you want. Fake news to distract or thought leaders to accelerate growth,” According to Matt Clark, CEO of the Virtual Edge.

As Facebook, its advertisers, lawyers and content creators jockey for position, Linkedin continues steady growth with very few complaints and even fewer legal challenges.

The Virtual Edge, a LinkedIn training company helps entrepreneurs and professionals to connect with their ideal clients. It provides people with the opportunity of establishing themselves as a leading voice on LinkedIn, which is especially powerful in today’s climate.

More information can be found at: http://thevirtualedge.com

The Virtual Edge uses a three step webinar system to helping people become “LinkedIn Rainmakers.”

A recent participant said: “Grown from 600 connections and broke the 1000 barrier earlier today, and these are high quality, ideal client type connections, in about two weeks. By far the best marketing strategy with the best results in over a years social media marketing.”

Becoming influential on LinkedIn can be highly beneficial for any entrepreneur or business owner. LinkedIn has a built-in and relevant audience, and can help to increase followers and brand awareness in a big way.

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