Facebook Autoresponder launches new era in Facebook page dynamics

Leatherneck Tech defies convention with RocketRespondr for Facebook. When a customer visits a page in Facebook, this autoresponder provides instant responses to visitors' questions. For more information, see www.rocketrespondr.com.

Today, Leatherneck Tech Inc. announced the release of RocketRespondr, an autoresponder for Facebook. This product will save Facebook users countless hours as it provides auto responses to inquiries in Facebook pages. Particularly useful to businesses, RocketRespondr will also provide customers with immediate gratification as it handles their inquiries instantly, 24 hours a day, every single day of the year…. and it does so, with a difference.

Deryck Jones, Chief Evangelist at Leatherneck Tech Inc., said: “We wanted to try something new with RocketRespondr. Currently, most people have to directly interact with their customers on Facebook. They have to personally respond to each and every query. A couple of other products similar to RocketRespondr are out there but they are much more technical and require programming to configure and setup – RocketRespondr does not. What also differentiates us is the support and hand-holding we provide our clients to ensure their success.”

Having been in development since last year, RocketRespondr is being released with training videos. Leatherneck Tech will also be providing webinars and ongoing training and support to RocketRespondr users.

“We strive to give our customers solutions to real problems. With RocketRespondr, there is a feeling of awe watching Facebook operating on it’s own. Then, I think there is a sense of relief knowing that none of your customer inquiries are slipping through the cracks, so to speak,” said Jones.

Leatherneck Tech Inc. is the brain trust of a serial entrepreneur whose previous company was an award-winning IT managed services company. When asked about the goals of this and future products, Jones stated, “It has always been our goal to assist businesses in navigating the new age of visual digital marketing.”

To find out more about RocketRespondr, please visit www.rocketrespondr.com.

For further information about Leatherneck Tech Inc, please visit at www.leathernecktech.com.

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