Face Shield Eyeglass Frame Protection Anti Fog Plastic Affordable 5 Pack Launch

A face shield with a built-in eyeglass space has been launched to protect those whose lives require them to be in environments where contagion is a risk and eyeglasses must be worn.

Ultimate Deals has launched its affordable plastic face shield with built-in eyeglass frame. This unique facial protection item can be worn like eyeglasses, on top of regular prescription glasses. It is being offered in a 5 piece value pack and may also be worn over sunglasses.

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The launch of the face shield with an eyeglass frame was prompted as the ongoing danger of viruses and other contagions has arisen throughout the world. The designers wanted to have something that could be quickly distributed to those dealing with the public that was both affordable and practical. The result is the affordable and durable face shield with an eyeglass frame.

This face shield is made to stay in place and gives the wearer full-face protection. It guards against spits, splatters, saliva, sneezes, sand, dust, garbage, smoke and liquid droplets of every size and shape. Wearers of the face shield have the assurance that no airborne viruses or bacteria will have access to their facial orifices.

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This face shield is a good choice for glass protection shields for people who use eyeglasses because the eyeglass shield stays in place over regular and sunglasses. Also, they have an anti-fog feature that protects the wearer from any type of droplets, airborne germs that are carried through coughs and sneezes, or someone spitting.

They are suitable for men, women, and children who are at risk and have a built-in ridge that is rigid and allows the wearer to enjoy the peace of mind and freedom of movement without risking having their eyeglasses get tangled up as they work or play.

These face shields are made of durable clear PET plastic and are unbreakable. They have an anti-scratch attribute that allows them to be worn in warehouses, stores, hospitals, schools, vehicles, parties, and social gatherings without restraint. They provide the protection needed in these and other situations where diseases are more likely to spread if adequate protection is not implemented.

As the launch of these face shields with a built-in eyeglass mold begins, they are being offered at a substantial discount.


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