FAB Five Practice Building Exercise changes Massage Therapy Practices

Body Biz, Inc. The Massage School reviews its promise that its 3 Day Workshop would grow Massage Therapy Practices more quickly, improving quality of work/life for the Practitioner. Further information can be found at Body Biz, Inc. The Massage School.

Douglas, Michigan –Body Biz, Inc. The Massage School has reviewed the Practice Building efforts of Massage Therapists since it announced the launch of the FAB Five Practice Building Exercise back in November 2014. The product is a 3 Day Workshop that promises to add clients quickly to Massage Therapy Practices and 3 years later, the facts are in.

When spending some time in this course, immediate improvement in client referrals is noticeable! The Director at Body Biz, Inc. The Massage School, Rick Hayhurst, makes a point of saying “we wanted to make it easier for Massage Therapists to grow a practice when we launched the FAB Five Practice Building Exercise”.

Rick Hayhurst continues… “Where training programs are often doing the same old thing, we wanted to create something fun and fulfilling for practice owners. We are creative. We are innovators. We teach a daily routine where practice building can be a fun and fulfilling exercise to educate clients about the Practitioner and related products and services. Educated properly, clients will then share with others according to the Practitioner’s requests. Done diligently, students will see their practices grow! We do this because we want practitioners who are confident and informed on how to make requests of their clients. Ultimately, we knew it would benefit our students because they can grow their practice from 5 to 35 clients in 3 days and have this information to continuously perpetuate a practice! We want everyone to have this information!”

Body Biz, Inc. was established in October 2002. They have been supporting businesses for 15 years and have always worked to improve Massage Therapy Education.

Currently, the closest thing to FAB Five Practice Building Exercise are practice building exercises that do not yield the same results. Body Biz has improved on this by structuring specific conversations that produce outcomes with predictable results. This 3 Day Workshop is gaining in popularity with Massage Therapists quickly.

The 3 Day FAB Five Practice Builder is now available for purchase and to find out more at http://www.bodybizinc.biz/fab-five-practice-buildi…..

For further information about Body Biz, Inc. The Massage School, check out the online information session at http://www.bodybizinc.biz.

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