F9 Marketing initiative petitions to End UK Homelessness during Covid Lockdown

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Critical Petition to End UK Homelessness during Covid Lockdown. The online Petition aims to involve the parliament to help close the gap on homelessness using a simple 4-point strategy.

F9 Marketing mobilised its resources and skills by petitioning the end of UK Homelessness. The petition, which is asking for Parliamentary backup wants to ensure shelter or homes for all homeless, amidst the covid lockdown. https://www.change.org/End-UK-Homelessness

The idea came about after a walk through the High Wycombe town center revealed that there are still homeless people left out on the streets, despite very encouraging concerted government efforts to house everyone. After checking with other on-the-ground charities and advocacy groups, this initial assessment was confirmed.

F9 Marketing owner, Giorgio Silberberg, amazed by this discovery created an online petition for a permanent solution to the homelessness challenge in the UK. After joining all available homelessness advocacy groups on FB it became apparent that around 8-10% of homeless people are still on the streets.

This has made their situation extra difficult through social distancing and lockdown of most businesses due to recent guidelines. With the drastic decrease of the footfall, in the interest of public health, it has also meant that there are less members of the public reaching out and chipping in to assist those in need.

Shelter and fire are prioritised in survival situations because without them the body soon becomes exhausted and the ability to think straight is greatly impaired. If irregular eating, dehydration and mental health problems are added to the equation it becomes apparent how very real the challenge is to get off the streets. This is the reason for promoting a ‘Housing First’ approach as there are other issues that relate to homelessness that can only effectively be addressed once someone is off the streets.

In a recent episode of ‘Rich Kids go Homeless’ the participant admitted his game plan for coming on the show was to demonstrate that you can find work and get off the streets. After a few days of sleeping rough he woke up to the reality of rough sleeping and admitted it’s not as easy as it seems. Having a warm protected place to sleep is key for the brain and body to function at optimal levels.

There are four key points in the petition proposes:

– Shelter the homeless in b&b or hotels now without prejudice.

– House first, pay later backed by the government.

– Create shared living accommodations.

– Government to back landlords who can enable and assist.

Housing First is an initiative that has proven to be a cost-effective solution for housing the homeless. Whilst more data will be become available it was estimated that it could safe approximately 8-10k pa per person. The saving is a reflection of the reduction of the use of public services associated with homelessness, which decrease if housing is prioritised.

To make the initiate successful longterm it’ll be necessary to attract and engage builders and landlords who can help create affordable shared living accommodations. This reduces council tax burden and by consolidating services as part of the offer will help provide decent living conditions.

There are very experienced on-the-ground homelessness advocate groups who have the hands-on experience and local know-how to assist in supporting the initiative and who are willing and ready to contribute with their expertise.

Property developers and landlords, backed by the UK Government, have the experience and financial know-how to make living accommodations more affordable to help re-integrate those coming off the streets.

To find out more information about this petition at: https://www.change.org/End-UK-Homelessness

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