EzyFit Knee Brace Achieves High Customer Satisfaction Score of 96 Percent

EzyFit has announced the satidfaction level survey of their new product and the availability of their EzyFit Knee Brace Support - only on Amazon. More information can be found at http://ezyfit.me/satisfaction

Reports just received indicate that EzyFit is achieving 96% customer satisfaction with many people commenting on the great comfort they receive from the EzyFit exercise support products.

One satisfied buyer Cameron K. who made up one of the throng of people who felt compelled to rate the knee guard that they bought from EzyFit via Amazon stated: “I am on my feet all day working in a warehouse moving boxes and always bending and putting stress on my already damaged knees. I was looking for a good solid brace that would allow me to move freely and fit under my pants leg without feeling odd, this brace worked great for me…The Velcro closure held tight and my knee felt great after I got home and took it off, it was really easy to rinse off and dry out for use the next day!… My goal is to put off the inevitable surgery for a meniscus tear and hopefully with the brace I can do that for a while longer…so far it’s performed as good as some much more expensive braces I have purchased before.”

In another example of the customer satisfaction that gave rise to the rating, customer Elizabeth M. said “This is a very comfortable brace. It offers support and pressure whilst being nice to wear…(There is) no irritation after removal of the brace even after all day wear. Finally we have a winner on the knee brace quest”

In response to this kind of testimonial in support of the customer satisfaction rating, company spokesperson Jessica Shawe stated “Our product is designed to give unparalleled comfort and support for the wearer. Our development process saw this as the major areas we needed to address in order to get our customer satisfaction levels to where we wanted them to be.”

This is EzyFit’s greatest rating attainment to date which is why they felt compelled to share this with the world at large. Those interested in learning more about the brace can do so directly to the product listing, here: EzyFit at Amazon

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