EZ House Buyers Launches Nationwide Program To Assist Motivated Sellers

Don McClain of EZ House Buyers has gone nationwide with his program to help home owners sell their homes quickly for the highest end market value, freeing them from mortgages and a home they no longer want or need.

EZ House Buyers, based in Houston, Texas, announces a Nationwide initiative to work with motivated sellers and investors. Company Founder, Don McClain, says “There is a huge demand in the market for an organized effort between motivated sellers and investors seeking to assist them. The business is so fragmented, and there are very few companies that offer services in a structured environment”. After the housing boom bust in the 2007, the market has many moving pieces and middle-men obfuscating the easiest way, the Occam’s razor, which is to free the home owner of debt at the source, which is ownership of a home one no longer needs nor can afford.

By marketing to motivated sellers across the country, EZ House Buyers will be able to collect information from sellers who want to sell their properties quickly, and coordinate with investor/partners Nationwide to provide a fast solution to them. The traditional process involves attorneys, real estate agents, banks and foreclosure issues; EZ House Buyers aim is to eliminate all the extra steps, and help people in dire need to sell their homes quickly do so at the maximum market value available.

Don McClain goes on to say, “EZ House Buyers is positioning itself to be the go-to name when a sellers needs to sell their property quickly. Be it divorce, death in the family, loss of job, illness, or pending foreclosure, there are many reasons sellers need to move quickly. That’s where we come in and provide fast custom solutions.” Through years of experience and countless homes sold, Don and his team are able to assess home values quickly and offer a fair price so the seller can eliminate their mortgage and free themselves from the crippling debt hanging over their heads every month.

For more information on selling your home quickly in the Houston Texas area, or now nationwide, look up the EZ House Buyer’s program, contact them at 281-616-5750, email them at info@ezhousebuyers.com, or visit www.ezhousebuyers.com.

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