Ez Artificial Grass Launches Amidst Council Concerns

Ez Synthetic Grass has launched it's new website amidst industry concerns about Council rules and regulations around the use of synthetic grass. Some Councils have moved to ban the use of the plastic grass on "nature strips".

The Ez Artificial Grass website has successfully launched amidst growing concerns about council regulations regarding the use of synthetic grass.

The last 2 years has seen considerable growth in the popularity of Artificial Grass in Perth. Bringing with many issues with town planning and environmental issues. With it’s hot, dry climate, Perth homes long for a lush green lawn, but due to water restrictions and a piercing summer heat, the grass often dies, turning yards into a desert.

However, many residents of Perth metropolitan areas are finding friction from Councils, who are starting to impose restrictions on the use of synthetic lawn.

Some council towns in Perth have moved to ban artificial turf on verges, including Claremont and Victoria park. Other councils like Nedlands, have moved to enforce restrictions on the amount of the “nature strip” home owners can take up with synthetic turf (by 40%) in Nedlands case. While there are other cities like Belmont and Canning that turn a blind eye to the installation of fake turf.

Aaron Smith, owner of website ezartificialgrass.com.au, launched his new synthetic grass website just last week despite the growing concerns in the industry regarding Council regulations. When asked about the Council stance on synthetic grass Aaron said “it’s a very shaky environment to be starting a new business in, the industry just wants Council to clear about their future intentions in regards to artificial grass, So that grass businesses can plan and advise clients accordingly”.

Putting artificial grass on verges (and on a front lawn in general) has always been a risky move. With water, phone and electricity and sewerage lines running below, Aaron from EZ Grass says to have the area of the installation thoroughly investigated to understand the risks involved with the installation of the synthetic turf and ensure the grass will remain intact for years to come.

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