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Bacteria can produce exotoxins that inflame the glands that would ordinarily produce oil as a component of your tear fluid - and the result is often chronic dry eye.

Dry eyes: Sydney optometrist offers advanced treatments.

Blepharitis is characterised by inflamed eyelids, often with flaky skin around them, and red, itchy, dry eyes. Having dry eyes doesn’t necessarily mean someone has blepharitis, an uncomfortable inflammation of the eyelids, but the two often go together. Here’s what happens.

Bacteria live on human skin, and they live on eyelids too. It’s perfectly natural. But when there’s an overgrowth of bacteria on the eyelids and at the base of the lashes, a variety of problems can occur. The bacteria can produce exotoxins that inflame the glands that would ordinarily produce oil as a component of your tear fluid – and the result is often chronic dry eye.

It’s not something that gets talked about much, so one may be surprised to find that between 15 and 25 percent of people experience blepharitis. Unfortunately, it’s not a problem that will go away on its own, and although treatment provides relief, people with this condition will probably have to go for repeat treatments from time to time.

When dry eye is caused by blepharitis, special therapeutic devices can help to solve the problem far more quickly and effectively than was the case in the past when eyelid scrubs and topical treatments were the only available way of dealing with the issue.

“Eyes in Design is pleased to be able to offer its patients BlephEx and BlephaSteam – the two most recent advances in the treatment of chronic dry eye,” says Jacqueline Gattegno, a Sydney-based behavioural optometrist.

The new technologies for combatting blepharitis have been thoroughly tested and are approved by authorities around the world. The safe, effective treatments are recommended by the Dry Eye Institute of Australia and are also painless, says Jaqueline. “BlephEx offers a very gentle way to exfoliate the lids and lashes, removing the bacterial debris that causes most eyelid inflammations. BlephaSteam, on the other hand, gently melts the congealed secretions that block oil-producing glands.”

“Eyes in Design has received very positive feedback from patients following these therapies,” says Jacqueline. “Dry eyes and blepharitis often go together and when they do, we are usually able to relieve the symptoms of both problems at once using these technologically-advanced pieces of equipment.”

Although blepharitis is inclined to recur, having a healthy lifestyle can help to reduce the frequency and intensity of flare-ups. “You may notice that your blepharitis is worse after eating certain foods,” says Jaqueline.

“In any event, a healthy, balanced diet helps the body to take better care of itself, so there’s a possibility that a healthier diet and lifestyle will reduce the recurrence of blepharitis. Women should avoid wearing eye-makeup during inflammations, and may later benefit from choosing cosmetics intended for people with sensitive skins.”

“The good news that comes with the development of new technologies for the treatment of blepharitis is that patients can experience longer-lasting relief sooner. Don’t delay blepharitis treatment. Its complications can be severe if it is left to itself, and since you will be in considerable discomfort, seeking relief is the smart thing to do.”

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