Exxel Mechanical Services Installing New Dual Fuel HVAC Systems in Owings Mills

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Homeowners in Maryland considering replacing their old oil or propane furnaces with a heat pump or natural gas furnace, are encouraged to find out how to measurably cut their energy bill by installing a dual-fuel HVAC hybrid setup. They can call 443-821-1040 for more information.

Exxel Mechanical Services is now offering homeowners and property managers an efficient and warm option when replacing oil or propane furnaces, with a dual fuel HVAC system that is both efficient, and warm in the coldest of days of winter. These systems are specifically manufactured for climates like in Owings Mills, Reisterstown, Frederick and Westminster Maryland, that offer mild weather for most of the year, but sub-freezing weather on the colder days.

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Electric heat pump HVAC systems are known for their high efficiency in milder climates, but in colder Maryland winters, the old solution was the “electric heat strips” which ran up the electric bills. With the new dual fuel systems, homeowners gain the efficiency of the heat pump for everyday use, and only on the coldest of nights, the fossil fuel kicks in to provide the needed warmth.

When first introduced, heat pumps were known for not being able to warm a house comfortably at temperatures below 32 degrees, as is often the case in Owings Mills. As technology progressed, they became much more efficient, but would still not comfortably heat on the colder days without the high cost of electric strips. Today, Exxel Mechanical Services installs and services a complete range of heating and air conditioning products, but has become an expert in the dual fuel HVAC setups that provide both comfort and efficiency.

When asked what makes the dual fuel system so attractive, Bob Gunning the president of Exxel Mechanical Services said: “When you can cut fuel consumption by two thirds in the first year, and provide all the warmth you want on the coldest day of the winter, you solve all heating problems.”

When replacing an old furnace, homeowners often face a difficult decision of what type of newer and more efficient HVAC system to install. Compounding this problem is often the limited availability of natural gas, especially in certain parts of Maryland. Gunning claims that with the technological advances in the HVAC industry, finding the proper solution to meet the property owners exact needs has become much easier today.

In addition to the dual fuel systems, Exxel Mechanical Services provides sales and service on all types of heating and cooling systems, including geothermal units, generators and much more.

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