Extreme Sports Legend Cowboy Kenny Bartram Releases Free Motocross Racing Game for iOS and Android

Enjoy hours of racing game play with this free to download app. Cowboy Kenny’s Motocross is a free motocross video game available NOW on iTunes and Google Play. Hop on that bike and start riding!

Los Angeles, United States – /PressCable/

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Cowboy Kenny Bartram is a legend in the world of motocross and freestyle motocross riding. As one of the founding fathers of freestyle motocross Kenny helped pioneer tricks like the backflip and was the first person ever to land a side saddle backflip during competition in the 2009 X Games.

Kenny these days can be found pulling monster tricks at the Cowboy Kenny Steel Rodeo Tour, performing with Travis Pastrana's Nitro Circus, and staring in the music video with Florida Georgia Line – “This is How We Roll” ft. Luke Bryan.

The Game

Race MX for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, but watch out for those jumps and obstacles. There is some fierce competition and no one is here to lose! In the FMX stages use finger swipe motions to find out if who is a superstar. Recall the past tricks learned and hit sets of jumps to earn respect points, which are used to acquire clothing.

Ride in style by customizing the character in the Lounge with millions of clothing variations. Choose between eight clothing items and five Rockwell watches (The Rockwell watches will increase the riders charisma).

Clothing to customize:

1. Helmet

2. Goggles

3. Shirt

4. Gloves

5. Belt

6. Pants

7. Knee Pads

8. Boots

9. Rockwell Watches (Increases Charisma)

Select the link below to enter the sweepstakes and win a Rockwell watch for Cowboy Kenny's Motocross August's “Win a Rockwell Watch Sweepstakes”.


To stay competitive upgrade the bike parts in the Garage. Upgrade these bike parts, which will help to increase the bikes power, grip, or suspension:

1. Engine

2. Camshaft

3. Exhaust

4. Tires

5. Suspension

Use Power Ups to increase the rider's strength, skill, & charisma to help progress through the game!

1. Strength – Increases the riders Power

2. Skill – Increases the riders Grip

3. Charisma – Increases the riders earned Respect Points

Hop on that dirt bike and start riding!

Contact Info:
Name: Mike Lunde
Email: mike@innersanctumentertainment.com
Organization: Inner Sanctum Entertainment
Website: www.playise.com
Phone: 310-403-0151
Address: 1718 State Street, #2 South Pasadena CA 91030

Release ID: 59699