Extract-All Announces Launch of Dental Clean Air System for Dentist Offices

Commercial-grade portable HEPA/ULPA extraoral suction implementation features three-stage filtering approach that scrubs air of harmful bacteria and viruses - including COVID-19.

Extract-All, a Wisconsin-based Air Impurities Removal Systems company offering a trend-setting product mix of fume extraction items, announced the launch of its Dental Clean Air Purifier system for dental office air purification, the commercial-grade portable HEPA/ULPA extraoral suction implementation designed to remove contamination created by dental aerosol by way of a three-stage filtering system that scrubs the air of harmful bacteria and viruses – including COVID-19.

The Dental Clean Air system will vacuum up and remove contamination from dental aerosols and spatter from bodily fluids dental professionals normally encounter, such as saliva, blood and plaque, while polishing the air of dangerous bacteria and viruses that spread infectious disease. According to Extract-All representatives, portable HEPA air filtering systems for dental offices are a critical tool in maintaining the health and safety of a dental clinic environment.

“The Dental Clean Air Purifier is portable and easy to use, and provides the protection and peace of mind dentists, staff and patients demand,” says Len Roulier, CEO of Air Impurities Removal Systems. “We designed the DCA specifically for dental applications; it was critical to us to provide a system that was effective, portable, easy to use and effective. The feedback from dental professionals has been positive and enthusiastic, and the DCA is keeping their dental environments safe for everyone – including staff and patients.”

The Extract-All Dental Clean Air Purifier is available in 987-DCA1 and DCA2 models, with a plethora of accessories and related equipment available through Extract-All’s website including portable fume extractor and dust collector, cover with adjustable hard flex extractor arms, replacement final poly panel filter with activated carbon, replacement primary six-inch refillable adsorption module with carbon, external exhaust kit, replacement MERV 10-pleated filter, replacement HEPA filter, replacement ULPA filter, replacement activated carbon for 987-7A refillable module, replacement poly panel prefilters, cleaning and accessory kit for Dental Clean Air systems, grated inlet cover with acrylic hood, replacement HEPA prefilters and ambient inlet cover.

About Air Impurities Removal Systems, Inc.

AIR Systems, Inc. began developing the unique Extract-All line of air cleaning systems in the late 1908s, and as the demand for ergonomically-friendly, truly versatile, compact air cleaning systems increased, the Extract-All line has developed into a rich product mix that serves universities, hospitals, laboratories, dental labs, jewelers, government facilities and a range of industrial facilities, both domestic and international.

Air Impurities Removal Systems, Inc. is located at 166 North 121st Street in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin and can be reached by calling (414) 257-1770. For more information visit www.AirSystems-Inc.com or email sales@AirSystems-Inc.com.

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