Extended Producer Responsibility Eco Friendly Waste Disposal Ideas Site Launched

Mr. Green announced the launch of a new website detailing its movement to halt the gradual progression CO2 emissions around the world entitled Green Concept 2020 and focused on multiple essential product life cycle and producer responsibility changes along with more eco-friendly waste disposal methods.

The prominent Mr. Green announced the launch of a new website with detailed information on its Green Concept, a popular movement to create a healthy environment and solve the CO2 emissions problem by the year 2020.

More information is available at http://mr-green.info.

Mr. Green is popular organization committed to protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development with a prominent involvement in the waste regulation and carbon emission prevention movements as well as the phasing out of the nuclear power concept for renewable energy and other essential strategies since the 90s.

The prominent organization has announced the launch of a new website detailing its highly popular Green Concept movement and the broad range of effective strategies, concepts, policies and alternatives to eradicate the gradual progression of CO2 emissions the world is currently facing and build a healthy environment by 2020.

The newly launched website details the main lines, strategies and goals of the Green Concept movement to effectively face the climate change crisis, including the creation of reuse and take back systems with increased responsibility of manufacturers over the entire product life cycle, including the disposal, to make the usage more efficient and lessen the CO2 emissions.

Additional measures and strategies, from closing the cycle made for raw materials including an authentic product design and a large recycling process, no more usage of landfilling procedures or using a large number or residues to generate heat and electricity, and more, along with details on the benefits they would deliver for the environment are also explained on the newly launched Mr. Green website.

Mr. Green explains that “when it comes to promoting the peace and care for the environment, Mr. Green has been in close relationship with the German Parliament for more than 25 years and our activities since the 90s have made a big impact in achieving a sustainable environment but they do not fully solve the problems we face today”.

The organization adds that “the problem of climate change brought by CO2 emissions is faced in different parts of the globe. Mr. Green wanted to discover alternative means to solve the problem by 2020 so the Green Concept was created and it aims to eradicate the CO2 problem by advocating changes, from ending the use of unusable materials due to their negative effects on the environment to avoid dumping garbage in landfill sites, that can result in a greener outcome for all”.

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