Extendable Transforming Modular Couch – Versatile Furniture Campaign Launched

A campaign for a new modular couch has been announced. The Transformer Couch can be arranged in a variety of configurations, and it is comprised of long-lasting materials.

Backers Today has announced the launch of a campaign for the Transformer Couch, an extendable transforming modular couch. Created by the makers of the world’s famous Transformer Table, the rearrangeable couch can now be backed through a limited-time offer on Kickstarter.

More details can be found at https://transformer-couch-one-couch.kckb.st/backerstoday-5jf

The newly announced Transformer Couch aims to provide customers with versatile, customizable seating which can be altered to suit the layout of a room.

The Transformer Couch is modular and capable of being placed in a number of different formations according to a customer’s preference. As such, the couch can become an accent chair, a bed, a lounger, or a sofa.

According to the company, in addition to its customizable configuration, the Transformer Couch can be further changed to match the aesthetic of any room because of its machine-washable, interchangeable covers. Customers can choose covers of various colors including Timberwolf Grey, Peacock Blue, and Canary Yellow. The couch is also available in Midnight Black, Earthstone, and Pearl White in PU leather and Lagoon blue or Cardinal red in velour.

The new modular couch is supplied with an optional Corner Kit Unit. By purchasing this item alongside their Transformer Couch, customers can add versatility by turning their couch into a corner sofa. The couch is compatible with multiple Corner Kits and can be set up in multiple configurations.

The Transformer Couch has a kiln-dried solid wood frame, Dacron-filled pillows, and an Italian steel spring frame cover. The armrests and backrests are made from high-strength brushed steel rods. Durable resin modular connectors are designed for frequent and repeated setup and reconfiguration.

Each modular section of the couch is designed to be ultra-light but is also tested for up to 500 pounds of weight. Assembly only requires the standard hex Allen key and the bolts provided in the box and is estimated to take 5 minutes.

Each seat cushion is made with high-density layers of foam, and every component of the Transformer Couch can be replaced, which means that the couch is designed for many years of use. The couch is covered by a 1-year warranty and free shipping worldwide.

The creators of the Transformer Couch specialize in space-saving furniture. The company’s previous Kickstarter campaign is notable for being the most successful Canadian furniture-based campaign in the history of the platform. They also offer a special buy-one-get-one offer on the early purchase of a three-seater.

The Transformer Couch is built from fully recyclable materials and the product is expected to use sustainable and environmentally responsible distribution channels. Each couch is built with non-polluting materials and sustainable manufacturing practices. All Transformer Couches are tested for comfort by people.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We are committed to sustainability in our products. While standard couches get replaced every few years, our Transformer Couches have the longevity and the variety of covers needed to last a lifetime.”

The Transformer Couch is designed by a team of more than 67 experts in product manufacturing, business development, sales, logistics, and marketing. The team seeks to revolutionize the North American furniture market with affordable furniture that lasts for decades.

Interested parties can find more information at https://transformer-couch-one-couch.kckb.st/backerstoday-5jf

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