Extendable & Foldable Wood Floor Cleaner Mop Brand Reveals Secret To Bamboo Care

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As with other hardwoods, keep excess moisture to a minimum and most of all, keep the vinegar and steam cleaner out of the picture at all costs.

Temples Pride, the creator of the Dredge microfiber hardwood floor mop has revealed the secrets to a lasting and healthy looking bamboo floor. They claim that rubber-backed mats should never be used on bamboo floors because they hold moisture. Never steam a bamboo floor or use vinegar on it because both will damage the floor beyond repair. Don’t keep furniture in the same place, sunlight fades bamboo leading to faded patches. Have a no-shoe policy, besides the dust and dirt that can scratch the floor from regular shoes, stiletto heels, and sports studs can damage bamboo floors by causing dents, especially if the bamboo floor is carbonized bamboo which is weaker.

In addition to the above points on what not to do they also stated that maintaining the room’s humidity to around 40% – 50% would aid in preserving it. Care should be taken, however, to not go over or under into the extremes because too much moisture causes swelling and too little is going to cause cracking.

“Caring for bamboo floors does not have to be complicated,” says Brian from Temples Pride, “As with other hardwoods, keep excess moisture to a minimum and please, keep the vinegar and steam cleaner out of the picture. It breaks my heart how often I still hear of people steaming their bamboo floors or using vinegar on them. First of all, vinegar is acidic. It’s going to eat away at the surface of your floor. Even though they say don’t use much, that won’t change the fact that it’s damaging it. Secondly, steaming a bamboo floor is going to cause it to warp, expand, change shape, and do all sorts of irreversible things which normally happens when you steam wood.”

He continued, “The best approach to caring for bamboo is to always follow your manufacturer’s recommended cleaning method. This will ensure you don’t void your warranty and be left with a damaged floor. Also, use a microfiber mop to clean and apply any recommended cleaners. They are going to eliminate any risk of excess liquid on your floor while cleaning really well at the same time.”

Temples Pride was founded in 2015 with a mission to provide an environmentally friendly & effective microfiber floor mopping system. To further support their mission, they are dedicated to reducing their environmental impact by helping to protect critical forest habitat. For every mop that they sell, they plant 1 tree.

More information about Temples Pride and the Dredge microfiber mop is available on their website.


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