Extendable Dog Lead For Small Dogs Christmas 2018 Training 5 Metre Released

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Pet owners searching for a safe, reliable dog or cat lead allowing their fur-baby to explore while giving them control can take advantage of the 5M Extendable Lead released by Cuddla Ltd.

London, England-based Cuddla Ltd, a pet product specialist, has released a 5-meter extendable dog lead just in time for Christmas 2018. This lead is ideal for training small dogs to stop pulling and also to take indoor cats outside to enjoy the fresh air.

More information is available at https://cuddla.com/products/retractable-lead.

Just released, the 5M long extendable lead is best for small to medium dogs and cats. Lightweight and durable, the lead is easy-to-use with smooth, but strong extension capabilities. Made from impact resistant material this lead withstands constant pulling and is ergonomic for the pet owner, so they feel completely relaxed when walking even the most vigorous dog or cat.

With an anti-slip handle, this lead is perfect for every-day use. Best used for a dog or cat weighing up to 20 kilograms (44 pounds), this lead gives any pet owner confidence and reassurance that the lead can withstand any test to ensure the safety of their pet.

The 5M (16 feet) length of the lead allows pets the freedom to explore but gives the pet owner total control. This capability maximizes pet enjoyment and also gives the pet owner peace-of-mind that they can retrieve their pet when needed. Another fabulous feature of the 5M extendable dog lead is its quick lock and release mechanism. This feature keeps a pet owner’s dog a safe distance from other dogs or hazards when walking.

Known as ‘affection’ the word Cuddla is symbolic for love which epitomizes how Cuddla Ltd feel about pets. As such, this company who provide quality pet care products for years to pet owners and lovers of their fur-babies aims to cultivate closeness and to increase happiness, as well as reduce stress. Cuddla does this by providing exemplary service to their customers. To view more of Cuddla’s products visit https://cuddla.com.

When asked about Cuddla Ltd, several customers said, “This retractor lead is good value, well made, easy to use, and quickly locks at any point. Plus, it looks good.”

To find out more about Cuddla Ltd email info@cuddla.com or visit the links above. Site-goers can learn more about the company, their services and view their full range of pet products.

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