Express Success LLC Holding A Group Healing on the Cause of Economic Slavery

Dr. Joy Pedersen is hosting a special spiritual healing group clearing call on Saturday, September 2, 2017 at 11:11 AM EST to help release hidden causes of challenges especially economic.

Express Success LLC will be holding a group clearing telephone call on 11:11 AM EST September 2, 2017 called “Clear Your Past and Change Your Future”. This group clearing call will include clearing the individual, family, relatives and ancestors as well as global healing of humanity and issues around Labor Day and labor Issues and financial issues.

Dr. Joy Pedersen will be leading the spiritual healing call and says this call is a chance for people to receive help from the angels, archangels and ascended masters who will be contributing their energies to Clearing the Cause of Economic Slavery as well as other issues.

Each month there is a special topic to address the needs of humanity. Each call, however, includes clearing family, relatives and ancestors, ancestral programming, fear, limiting beliefs, and whatever individuals desire to include during a silent section of the call for people to insert their personal issues.

The call will have a channeled message from Heaven. Previous calls have had messages from God, Archangel Michael, Jesus, as an example. The call was suggested by Heaven as their way to assist humanity at this time by addressing specific as well as general or common issues affecting the majority. Everyone will have their energy cleared as well during this approximate hour-long call.

People interested in Clearing the Cause of Economic Slavery as well as their personal issues can register free at

“Ever since the last call, my husband and I have noticed more ease, productivity and economic flow. Thank you! I’m looking forward to attending the next one.” Belinda Martel

About Express Success LLC

Express Success LLC was founded in 1981 by best-selling author, Dr. Joy Pedersen who serves leaders, business owners, as well as individuals, using spiritual healing and coaching to help them clear their past and change their future. She uses intuitive and spiritual gifts to help identify and clear the hidden causes of people’s problems as well as the challenges of business. For more information, visit

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