Exposé Local Greenville, SC Office Gives Needed Service During Covid Crisis

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Mark and Renee Milstead offer seniors a hands-on, NO COST to the family service looking for quality local senior living options.

Local SeniorCare Advisors, Mark and Renee Milstead, the owners of the Greenville, South Carolina office for Assisted Living Locators, provide a hands-on approach to assisting seniors, families, and caregivers explore the options of care for senior living in the local community. With the fear and related safety constraints imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, they put together special virtual tours for families considering assisted living communities.

Where they personally have gone through similar experiences with their own senior family, they are sensitive and understanding of the needs and questions involved.

Senior care advisors, thru the local Assisted Living Locators office, are THE needed resource to save caregivers and family time and money in locating the right situation for seniors at often stressful times. They provide this service at NO COST to the families.

Often these times arise with little notice, with strong emotion, and with a variety of concerns. Circumstances that can lead up to these challenging predicaments include:

* Transitioning from the hospital to a rehab location.

* Locating the right senior assisted living location.

* Locating the right senior community.

* Arranging at-home care.

It is often a tricky conversation and contemplation trying to gather the resources of available locations and narrowing them down by quality, amenities, and cost. Adding to this, there are often short windows of time to work with and sometimes a dizzying number of choices. During this recent Covid pandemic, many facilities shut their doors making it impossible to get a clear picture of each location.

Many families find themselves overwhelmed at even where to start. This can lead to unfortunate outcomes, costs, and extra stress.

Taking advantage of assistance from an insider, an advocate who has actually walked through each facility they discuss with the family and is working FOR the family makes ALL the difference! Someone who can help navigate the exploratory process successfully and layout a complete picture of:

* Funding options

* Quality of care at each location

* A thorough idea of what is available at each location

Rather than simply wishing the family well once placed, Mark and Renee provide full transition support. This makes the move smooth, and worry-free. They also follow-up, post-move, to ensure the community or home is meeting expectations.

The Assisted Living Locators network, founded in 2003, is well established with offices across 40 different states. The local Greenville, SC office routinely covers the area through greater Greenville, Mauldin, Greer, Seneca, and up to the North Carolina state line.

To find the best for the needs for senior living, visit the local Greenville, SC Assisted Living Locators website at:https://assistedlivinglocators.com/care-advisor/greenville

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