Explore the Cosmos With the FourFlexx iPad Stand and Solar Walk 2

Pioneering Companies Allow Kids of All Ages to Experience the Solar System in Comfort

Of the many ways to enjoy a tablet, using it to travel through the solar system has to rank as one of the most amazing. Of course, tablet owners use their devices to check their email and read celebrity gossip, but being able to see what is happening on Neptune is literally out of this world.

There is a way to enjoy this experience on the iPad, and it starts with the FourFlexx universal tablet stand. This tablet holder allows users to enjoy their tablets without having to hold it up in an uncomfortable position. This flexible, versatile iPad accessory can be set up in any room of the house, and allows users to enjoy their tablet in hands-free comfort and convenience.

Every user seems to find new applications for the device, and the astronaut experience is certainly unique.

Parents can set up the FourFlexx in their children’s beds and explore the asteroid belt or the moons of Jupiter without their arm getting tired. While the FourFlexx universal tablet stand provides the base of the adventure, the Solar Walk 2 app, available from the iTunes store, provides the journey.

The Solar Walk 2 app provides a fully interactive educational tool that is fun for kids or anyone else interested in the solar system. The app includes breathtaking images of some of the most incredible sights in the solar system, from closeups of Jupiter and Saturn, to simulated solar eclipses and reenactments of the Sputnik and Mars rover missions.

In addition to being used to hold up a tablet in bed, the FourFlexx tablet stand can be used in the kitchen, in the exercise or yoga room, and even in the car, on a plane or outdoors. It is highly portable, and can be adapted to almost any use, given the four flexible, easy-to-use arms that serve as the base of the unit. One of the flexible, bendable arms can even be used to hold a smartphone, in order to make sure the user never misses an important call or message.

Virtually any tablet can be used with the FourFlexx. This tablet holder has been engineered to suit any tablet sized between seven and thirteen inches (including iPad, iPad Mini, Acer Iconia, Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus 7, Kindle, Kindle Fire, Sony eReader, Nook, Kobo, Microsoft Surface Pro and more).

John Dewan, Sales Manager of LXORY Ltd., touts the handiness of the FourFlexx adjustable tablet stand.

Says Dewan, “Adults and kids alike love the versatility of the FourFlexx. It can be attached to the side of a bunk bed or to the back of a car seat to allow the little ones to watch their favorite movies on long trips. It is designed to be enjoyed by the whole family.“

The FourFlexx iPad stand is available now through Amazon. For more information on the FourFlexx, visit the LXORY website.

The Solar Walk 2 app is available in the Apple iTunes Store.

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