Explainer Videos For Real Estate Companies New Animated Video ServIces Launched

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The Explainer Video Company has launched a new real estate video service. Animated video is now a proven method for attracting more leads and customers.

The Explainer Video Company has launched a new real estate video service. Animated explainer videos are a proven method for attracting more leads and customers.

A new real estate video service has been launched by The Explainer Video Company, offering animated explainer videos to help real estate businesses increase customer base. Animated explainer videos can be beneficial for businesses in various ways, making the service well suited for any real estate company that is looking to reach more potential customers.

For more information please visit the website here: https://thevideoanimationcompany.com/real-estate-explainer-videos-2/

The Explainer Video Company’s newly launched service creates various animated explainer videos for businesses to help attract more customers. The animated explainer videos are beneficial for real estate businesses, and for use in education, finance, healthcare, music industries, products and retail industries, professional services and tech, software and app businesses.

With the pandemic slowing business down and forcing lockdowns and restrictions worldwide, thousands of businesses have shut down. This has led to video marketing such as the real estate video service becoming even more important in order to attract more customers and prevent businesses from closing in the current climate.

There are a wide range of benefits to utilizing the real estate video marketing service. For instance, video is more appealing to potential customers and grabs attention, meaning it can promote businesses more effectively see more information here: https://thevideoanimationcompany.com/the-benefits-of-real-estate-animated-explainer-videos/

The Explainer Video Company explains that humans can retain 95% of the information seen in a video, in comparison to 10% from text. In addition to this, explainer videos help potential customers understand the real estate business and also help to appear higher up in search engine results such as Google, as well as receiving more clicks than written text.

Furthermore, video marketing, such as explainer videos for real estate, reduces the burden on customer service and sales. This is due to the fact that the explainer videos can easily show customers how the business works, reducing the amount of customer service and support needed.

In addition to this, explainer videos help real estate companies stand out and be seen, with videos that can express a unique style and help to stand out amongst competition.

Those wishing to find out more can visit their website on the link provided above.

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