Explainer Videos For E-learning And Online Course Marketing Report Released

Santa Clara, California digital marketing agency The Explainer Video Company released a new report on the importance of explainer videos for education insitutions and e-learning companies.

The Explainer Video Company, a Santa Clara, California video marketing agency, released a full report on the importance of expert video services for e-learning companies. The report discusses a variety of topics, including the efficiency of video in engaging online audiences, how quality videos can increase the online visibility of an online education provider, and the various ways video can be integrated in the online learning environment.

More details can be found at http://explainervideoforeducation.com

The latest announcement aims to provide an overview of the importance of integrating effective video strategies to improve the success of any online course.

The current pandemic has led to an increased interest in e-learning, as more and more individuals are faced with the prospect of career change in the near future. Increasing the visibility of online courses is essential for creators – and according to the new Explained Video Company report, video can be the most important way to market and produce e-courses.

The newly released report explains that e-course landing pages that feature videos are up to 53% more likely to see first-page Google ranking for the target keywords. Videos are also substantially more effective on social media, where they get shared 12 times more than texts and links combined.

Another important benefit of video is that it is a much more engaging type of content, thus responding to an innate tendency of the human brain to favor audio-visual over text-only content.

The author of the report explains: “Humans retain 95% of a video’s message, compared to 10% in text form. An explainer video gives your potential student a better understanding of how your school or course works and how it benefits them putting you at the top of their mind when it’s buying time.”

The Explainer Video company works with e-course creators interested in developing high-quality explainer videos for their courses or as part of their marketing strategy. The agency has extensive experience providing custom video solutions for e-learning clients, having developed a vast portfolio of high-engagement explainer videos.

With the latest announcement, the company continues to expand its range of high-quality video marketing services and resources.

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