Experts Share The Benefits of Signing Short Term Buyer Representation Agreements

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This guide helps consumers understand how to benefit from a short term agreement with real estate agents before starting the home buying journey. Provided by the National Buyer Agent Association.

The National Buyers Agent Association recently released a new guide that explains the benefits of signing short term buyer representation agreements and helps buyers understand how they can make it work to their advantage.

Colorado experts Kathleen Chiras, association manager of the National Buyers Agent Association, Barry Miller of the B&L Consumers Real Estate Radio Show, and John Mandible of Vestera, shared their knowledge and expert opinions via a live podcast that aired on October 17, 2020. The summary of the guide can be found here:

The guide gave focus on why consumers should consider short term length contracts. Barry strongly believes that 90 days is long enough for the agent to fulfill his duties and responsibilities towards the consumers. He cited that lengthy contracts put both the consumers and agents’ motivations at risk of not fully committing to their obligations. Furthermore he stated, “Fiduciary agents will always make the commitment to get the job done on YOUR timeline.”

Chiras agreed, saying, “A consumer who is knowledgeable and knows the right questions to ask will have the most control over the transaction and most likely have a happy outcome.”

Among the agreement types, the Exclusive right-to-represent contract is said to be the most common buyer-broker agreement according to This is mainly because this is the only contract that stipulates that the buyer cannot work with another agent during the contract length, and it stipulates the agent’s fiduciary duties. It’s also worth noting that even though signing an agreement with an agent is a highly recommended practice, it is not required. In these cases there are usually default agent representations as regulated by the state.

The benefits of having a short term length agreement include consumers getting a higher level fiduciary services from the agents. For more information, please visit the link above.

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