Experts Reveal Breakthrough Weight Loss Program

The Mastery announced the availability of their new 3-Phase Training and Nutritional Program The Mastery Presents Superhero 60 is available now.

The experts at The Mastery Of have released a breakthrough weight loss program that is broken down in 3 phases.

More details on the program can be found here:

The breakthrough aspect of the Superhero 60 is that its designed to appeal all body types and fitness levels.

The key to the program are its 3 phases, here’s a little more insight into its 3 phases:

1) 60 Day Training Program – The program allows the user to be very flexible when it comes to their bust schedules. As the creators recognize that is what seems to be the problem with most training programs, they require workouts to be done on certain days and so on. In the Superhero 60 they provide a guide to follow but allows the user to manipulate the guide when necessary.

2) Nutritional Guide – The nutritional guide takes the approach from a user having a very busy schedule and may be needing to eat on the run or maybe even eating out. The Nutritional Guide is called a guide for a reason, the creators didn’t want this to be a new fad diet. They wanted the users to have freedom and be able to go out for dinner while not breaking their “diet”.

3) Supplement Guide – This guide helps the user cut through all of the fluff and allows users to know what supplements are needed and which are just going to cost the money.

John Bishop, Creator of The Mastery, when asked about Superhero 60 said:

“This is the last program you will need to get the body you desire.”

Those interested in learning more about the company can do so on the company website at

Those interested in knowing more about the product can go here:

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