Expert Wine Blind Tasting Course Professional Sommelier Ryan Vet Video Released

Ryan Vet released a new series of videos designed to educate viewers with all of the knowledge required to become an expert at the tasting and assessing of fine wine.

Wine expert and entrepreneur Ryan Vet has released a brand new video course that promises to teach all the fundamental knowledge required for high-level wine tasting.

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With this new course, Ryan hopes to share years of experience, allowing those who take the course to gather a thorough understanding and appreciation for any glass of wine before it has even been tasted.

As well as an enjoyable way to relax after a long day, appreciating wine is a skill, and the skills taught with this course are those possessed by any good sommelier – that is, a wine expert – whose profession revolves around being able to instantly analyze the taste and character of any given wine, being able to pair it with complimentary meals and even other wines.

The course consists of six lectures that collectively span just over an hour in length. Themes explored in the content include preparing oneself for wine tasting, as well as the three key senses involved: sizing up the wine on sight, identifying the main aromas, and how to properly assess the taste notes featured in the wine’s palate.

The information from this course can be used both for personal pleasure and to aid professional culinary knowledge. Ryan teaches a series of deductive reasoning techniques that enable quick and accurate analysis of all types of wine, be it a personal favorite or something never seen before.

As well as creating this course, Ryan Vet is an entrepreneur who has traveled the world, educating on topics such as business principles and marketing. Of course, he is also a keen wine taster, and also owns several craft beer lounges. It was only a matter of time before these two worlds collided, and so the Fundamentals of Wine Tasting was born.

One satisfied pupil said, “this is a great course to recap knowledge about wine tasting; it’s especially helpful for anyone planning on taking a blind tasting exam”.

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