Expert Warns That Utility Knife Safety Should be a Priority

One expert warns people about the importance of using common sense safety precautions when using utility knives.

According to some studies, approximately 1190 people are injured because of knife accidents every day in America, which amounts to about 441,322 injuries annually. And the majority of those accidents occur when people are using utility knives.

“Many people think a utility knife is a non-threatening tool, and so they become careless with them,” says an expert in the field. “But the truth is, a good box cutter can easily slice a person’s skin to the bone.”

The expert has made it his mission to educate people about the safety measures they should take when using one of the handy tools.

Workers use utility knives in the workplace for jobs like opening packaging, cutting strapping, and puncturing shrinkwrap. In addition, many people use the knives for projects at home because they are small, but powerful tools. A good knife will cut carpet, cardboard boxes, and even roof tiles. But because utility knives come with retractable blades, they can easily cause injuries unless they’re used correctly. In fact, of all manual workplace injuries, utility knives with retractable blades account for 40 percent of all injuries.

“There’s no reason to be afraid of the tool,” says the expert, “but it is necessary to establish some safety guidelines when using them.”

He advises people to always cut with the blade moving away from their body, using a knife that has a blade locking function, wearing safety glasses in case a blade breaks off, and never working with a dull blade.

“The bottom line is this,” he says. “Utility knives and box cutters are one of the most useful and convenient tools around, but the blades are sharp, so people should use some common sense safety measures when using them.”

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