Expert Warns Some Reusable Shopping Bags are Bad for the Environment

Some consumers aren't aware that the reusable shopping bag they carry may be harming the environment. One expert talks about the right kind of bag to carry.

Most people who carry reusable shopping bags think they’re doing their part to protect the environment. And it’s true that lot of recent studies have shown the dire consequences of plastic bag pollution, which is why so many states are passing laws that ban them. The consumer response has been overwhelming. People can be seen everywhere carrying reusable shopping bags and rejecting the idea of using plastic bags, even in states that don’t ban them.

But one expert warns that some of those people may be doing more harm than good. “The truth is,” says a seller of LA Pop reusable shopping bags, “that depending on which type of bag you carry, you may actually be harming the environment.”

He says that certain bags, such as cotton and canvas, have a much bigger environmental impact than even disposable plastic bags. “In order to offset the environmental impact of just one plastic bag, people would have to carry a canvas bag 171 times,” he says. “And cotton bags are much worse. People would have to use them at least 365 times to offset the harm of a single plastic bag.”

In fact, a recent study from the U.K. shows that cotton bags are 200 times more harmful to the climate than disposable plastic bags.

“If people want to help the environment by carrying reusable bags, they need to carry polyester shopping bags,” he says. “Those same studies show that the number of times people need to carry them in contrast to plastic bags is negligible.”

So while the movement to ban disposable plastic bags is important, people also need to understand that the reusable shopping bags they carry matter. In order to help keep the environment clean and unpolluted, polyester shopping bags are the right choice.

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