Expert Urges Caution When Using Utility Knives to Open Gifts

Box cutter related injuries are common during Christmas gift openings. One experts shares some tips about how to avoid them.

Most people have fond memories of sitting around the Christmas tree and opening gifts early in the morning, but the untold story is that many people end up in the emergency room Christmas morning with injuries related to box cutters.

“Manufacturers are using packaging that is more difficult to open in order to thwart in store thefts, but that can be trouble when it comes to open gifts on Christmas morning,” says a spokesman for MJH Innovations, an Amazon Prime retailer who’s products include the Cutter Master Heavy Duty utility knife. “To cut into these hard to open packages, many people use box cutters, which is great idea, but only if they’re used properly.”

Most experts agree that utility knife safety is a grave concern on Christmas because people are excited about their gifts and want to open them quickly.

“One of the most important things to remember,” says the spokesman, “is that it’s necessary to push the box cutter away from your body when cutting. Otherwise, you could lose your grip and suffer an injury from the knife.”

In addition to cutting away from the body, other experts say that it’s important to ensure that the blade is retracted whenever the utility knife is not in use. “When looking for a box cutter, a retractable blade is one of the most important safety features to look for,” he says.

“Christmas morning should be a time for fun and laughter with the family, not an emergency room visit,” he says. “Just make sure to use the proper safety techniques when opening gifts and the day will be full of great memories.”

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