Expert Leadership Coaching Women Entrepreneurs Mentoring Service Announced

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Career Coach Institute, an e-learning platform based in Texas, has updated its certified course for aspiring career coaches are guided by a mentor. It shows them how to create a business in the coaching niche.

The new training program is aimed at Women Entrepreneurs who want to help others have their dream careers and negotiate beneficial work agreements. It shows participants how they can establish themselves as a careers coach and build a work-from-home business.

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With this update, anyone with an interest in starting a career coaching brand can now access an industry-leading course. The program provides expert instruction on coaching skills and building a business, as well as recruitment. Each participant is shown how to begin their career as a coach and attract their first clients.

The course is based on a three-step coaching method. Students will learn this method over several modules and gain an understanding of how they can help others navigate the jobs market and negotiate with employers. They’ll be able to advise on crafting a cover letter, finessing CVs, and performing well during interviews.

Essential training on networking on LinkedIn and other social platforms is also included. In addition, participants are shown how to create job search action plans for their clients. By completing the program, graduates can create a successful and fulfilling career coaching business from home. They should secure their first ten clients after a few weeks of study.

Interested parties should enroll by visiting the company’s website. They’ll have access to twelve webinars and are required to complete fifty hours of practice.

A previous student says, “I highly recommend CCI’s program for the in-depth knowledge you will gain, state-of-the-art actionable strategies, and incredible teaching staff who really care about their students. My coach helped me find my dream of writing a book, and I have also been speaking nationally for the past five years.”

About The Company

Career Coach Institute was founded by Marcia Bench and is the world’s leading career coach training school. Bench is a leading expert in the career coaching field and has spent more than 15 years helping others carve out successful businesses in this sector. She is also the author of Career Coaching: An Insider’s Guide.

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