Expert Florida Hypnotherapist Offers Free Anger Management Consultation

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Robert Dean’s NLP Approach to Hypnotherapy Offers a Safe, Effective Solution to COVID-19-Related Confusion, Anxiety, and Depression with a free online or in-office consultation at Solutions Hypnosis West Palm Beach, Florida.

Robert Dean’s NLP Approach to Hypnotherapy Offers a Safe, Effective Solution to COVID-19-Related Confusion, Anxiety and Depression

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.—Dec. 27, 2020—Today, Robert Allen Dean, Florida’s most trusted Certified Hypnotist and NLP expert, announced the launch of his exclusive anger management sessions for online or in-person sessions. Dean has determined that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light growing issues of managing anger which may have previously existed on a lesser level but now are exacerbated by anxiety, depression, loss and fear. Dean has developed the new, targeted anger management program using combinations of hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programing (NLP), and behavior modification.

“Anger ruins relationships, friendships and strategic business alliances,” said Dean, who serves as Director of the Solutions Hypnosis center. “Managing anger is easy for some, but extremely difficult for others. The ability to control one’s anger is said to be based on something called ‘intra-personal intelligence.’ We work on developing this capability with our anger management techniques.”

Dean tailors and personalizes the hypnotherapy and NLP processes meet individual needs and objectives. The therapeutic solutions are perfectly natural, safe and drug-free. Clients have learned to successfully use Dean’s anger management techniques to avoid inappropriate behavior, overreaction and destructive actions.

The Solutions Hypnosis center has a proven track record in helping people learn to pause and control angry feelings. As Dean sees it, some already have this ability innately, and they are admired and respected in social situations. Others need help in cultivating the behavior within themselves. He added, “We human beings are challenged every day when either we do not get our way or people intentionally manipulate or try to scare us. Those closest to us have the tendency to ‘push our buttons’ and our falling into the trap of anger can happen in a split second. It is easy to see how people with a bad temper and weak anger management skills seem to ruin many of their relationships. There is hope and a very comfortable way to fix this.”

Patients will be offered a free initial consultation at Solutions Hypnosis with Robert Dean CH, NLP.

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