Experienced Plumber in Anniston, Oxford and Gadsden Areas Announces His New Website

Plumbing contractor Charlie McMichael has a new website that he will use to market his plumbing business.

Charlie McMichael, of C Mac Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Service, is not new to plumbing. He has 23 years of experience under his belt. When it comes to plumbing he has seen it all. He’s worked all over the country in various conditions to restore service to his customers. He knows what it takes to get the job done and make people happy.

Although Charlie didn’t grow up in Generation Z, he understands the value of the Internet, Google and how it is intertwined in our lives. Phones and tablets are everywhere. Charlie uses his as a daily part of my his business. He doesn’t know what he would do without it. He wants his company to be seen on the smartphone of a user searching for a local plumber. Today he announced his new website that showcases his business on the Internet.

Charlie recognized, before his competitors, the value of catering to a generation of people that have never seen a 3 inch thick yellow pages phone book. He says Google is the future of advertising and that’s where he wants to be.

In a business like plumbing, there aren’t many companies with the foresight that Charlie has. They advertise in the yellow pages, they only take cash or a local check, and the thought of a website is foreign to them. Charlie is not in this group. He is in the top 5% of service area businesses that rank in organic Google results for his business.

He says people don’t realize the value of being the first business that is displayed when someone types in the word plumber in Google search. They don’t just automatically know his website address. He says being ranked in Google is increasingly becoming his number 1 source of business.

Charlie saw the writing on the wall and is out ahead of his competitors on the Internet. It looks as though he will thrive in the age of smartphones, Google and the Internet.

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