ExitMoldUSA Extends Mold Removal Services To Fort Collins, Colorado

Mold removal, inspection and testing services company, ExitMoldUSA, extends its service area coverage to the Fort Collins, Colorado area.

Denver, Colorado-based mold removal, inspection and testing specialist ExitMoldUSA, has announced the extension of its service coverage in Colorado by establishing a presence in Fort Collins.

In an interview earlier today, spokesman for ExitMoldUSA, John Brack, said “With the success we have had with our central Denver service, we have been getting calls from areas outside the greater Denver area. We want to provide the folks in Fort Collins and surrounding areas like Greeley and Loveland with the same level of service that our customers in Denver are getting.”

Whilst mold is not usually a problem in most residential and business dwellings, water leaks and poor ventilation can create ideal conditions for extensive and potentially dangerous mold outbreaks. There have been multiple cases over the years where this has caused severe and sometimes fatal health issues for those with compromised or weak immune systems like those found in the very young or elderly.

ExitMoldUSA has close partnerships with many experienced mold remediation, testing and inspection professionals and can resolve most, if not all, types of mold outbreaks in the home or business. Removing mold hazards safely requires extensive experience and equipment in order to avoid the further spread of mold spores into the surrounding environment. John Brack stressed the point by commenting, “It’s vitally important that the home handyman does not attempt to remove even a small mold outbreak by themselves without at least seeking advice from a professional. Tackling a big mold outbreak should be avoided at all costs and should only be done by mold removal professionals. Mold is serious stuff!”

Once a home or business owner engages the services of ExitMoldUSA, a thorough inspection of the property will be followed by testing to confirm the type and extent of mold outbreak present. ExitMoldUSA will then recommend the best course of remediation action to take. Should the customer decide to go ahead with the recommendation, ExitMoldUSA will them implement industry best practices to contain, neutralize and remove all mold and contaminants safely and efficiently.

By extending its services to Fort Collins, customers in the local and surrounding Greeley and Loveland areas who are in need of mold removal, testing and inspection services are assured of a rapid and efficient response.

Visit ExitMoldUSA Fort Collins for more information about their mold removal, testing and inspection services.

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