Exemplar ELN Is a Superb Mix of SDMS, LIMS and ELN for Seamless Lab Management

Sapio Sciences LLC earlier today reached out to us to discuss their latest iteration of their Exemplar ELN software that is now readily available. Read on to find out more!

Respected Electronic Lab Notebook Software producer Sapio Sciences LLC have announced the release of their latest version of software. Sapio promises that the users of their ELN will be greeted with software that goes beyond the traditional ELN solutions available from their competitors. Sapio took over a decade’s worth of extensive SDMS, LIMS software and Electronic Lab Notebook experience and came together to merge them all into one single solution. This means that Exemplar electronic laboratory notebook software can save laboratories money when it comes to data research management and can cover many lab needs, whether tracking the day to day experimental work of lab research scientists or the lab management processing of samples by lab technicians.

In a significant development in Electronic Lab Notebook cooperation, Exemplar is the only ELN that allows any number of scientists working on the same project at the same time. The original author of a lab notebook experiment will nominate other scientists to work with them on their experiment. The designates will work on the experiment at the same time by writing notes, inserting and loading new data, updating existing contents and more! There is no longer the need to log in and check laboratory notebooks that block entry from others. Exemplar’s notebook lab app also provides chat assistance and detailed conversation threads in experiments. Exemplary ELN notebooks also promote open and collaborative sessions of ideas where ideas can be captured and laboratory lab experimental activities from the accepted ideas delegated.

Sapio’s Exemplar ELN is seamless – The adoption by scientists of electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) applications is ELN’s first concern. Exemplar ELN® has been developed to help scientists create their experiment and automatically document their experimental data with zero instruction. In all leading browsers, Exemplar’s Digital Laboratory Notebook operates without any tools and is almost as good on phones.

For more information about Exemplar ELN, its benefits and how it could help laboratories work more efficiently together, see the following link: https://sapiosciences.com

Release ID: 88987535